Friday, March 23, 2012

I don't juggle

The internet is a great tool. I largely resisted jumping in to it. Finally, a couple years ago, Facebook broke me down when I emotionally re-connected with some people.

After that, I got the Twitter account, began a website, and then a blog. I also have Diaspora, Friendika, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts, and have about 100 different blogs in my Google Reader.

Too much. For me.

I have a short attention span, and am very easily distracted. I procrastinate, and have a tendency to waste time between tasks. I haven't been able to manage those struggles while adding more internet presence.

Aside, I have a large family, and we homeschool. My wife actually carries most of that load, but my schedule must gel each week with seven other people, and one car. I serve about 100 different families or individuals who count on me at any given moment in our congregation. That balancing act is usually quite enough, without the distraction of the internet.

Bottom line: everyone's different. I need to know me, and what God wants from me. That's all I'm trying to determine, and do.

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