Monday, December 19, 2011

Most Haunting Sentence in the Bible

Red-Letter Monday: 
"...I never knew you..." (Mt. 7:23)

There is a constant struggle in our home to get to know one another, to learn to handle the different personalities that are at work on any given day. It's quite a task. 

There are misunderstandings. Motives are guessed. People do not always get along. 

Getting to know one another is a constant process. 

Can you imagine spending your whole life thinking you knew Jesus, only to find out at judgment you didn't?

Jesus warned that many people are going to think they knew Him (cf. Mt. 7:21-22). They will be in for the shock of all eternity, when at judgment Jesus responds, "I never knew you." 

That is the most haunting sentence in the Bible. 

The only safeguard to never hear them then, is to hear Him clearly now.

May God help us all to hear and follow only the Shepherd's voice. 

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