Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Major Award!

So, I've been nominated by my good friend, Randal Matheny, for a Liebster Award, an encouragement for those of us of the small-potatoes variety of bloggers. 

Okay, so there's no trophy, but it's good, encouraging fun, anyway. 

Here's how it works: 

I tell you who nominated me (see above. check out Randal's blog and find out why I would have nominated him likewise, had I been chosen first). Check!

Share the Liebster Stamp ----> Check!

List five fellow bloggers who encourage me, those who have a following of 200 (or is it 300?) or less. I'm not really sure how many followers all of these have, but since I didn't win a real trophy, I shouldn't get in any real trouble, either, right? Here goes: 

Preacher Pollard’s Blog – Neal’s writing epitomizes balance and biblical wisdom. Persistent writing proves whether someone is merely saying something, or has something to say. Neal’s daily offerings never lose their shine.

The Leadership Fund – Nobody – not even the so-called “guru” (J.C. Maxwell) – does it better than Bob Turner. In fact, in many ways, Bob does it better. Pithy and powerful, Turner is, on biblical leadership. You will NOT find a better, 5-day, shot-in-the-arm blog on spiritual leadership. I repeat: NOT.

The Meek – I wrestled with this because I already nominated his brother. I’ve just recently come across Brent’s Pollard’s writings, which are both eclectic and spiritual. A dose of everything: science, fiction, life, philosophy, music, religion – Brent tackles the mood du’jour.

Biblical Preaching - I'm coloring outside the lines a bit here. Peter Mead has a supreme passion for expository preaching, something destitute in many places. While I haven't been following it regularly of late (say, last 6 months or so), and we are not theologically in sync, I never fail to glean something from this site totally dedicated to sermon prep and delivery. 

Sam's Noggin – I don’t like to break rules, but here I go anyway. The fact is that I'm not an avid blog reader, so my pickin's are slim. My wife’s blog has over 500 followers (I know, step down from the podium and give back the trophy), but she encourages me so much each day with her thoughts about our family life. However, it is her passion for homeschooling, photography, and something so many struggle with – fitness – that makes it a must read for everyone.


  1. I was close to nominating three of your five, including Sam.