Wednesday, November 23, 2011

NBC apologize? For what?

So, people are demanding an apology from Jimmy Fallon and NBC for a song choice used during Michelle Bachmann’s introduction last night (wasn't watching, but heard the words were something about a "lying blankety-blank"). Cute. 

But, apologize? Neither Jimmy Fallon, nor his band leader, nor NBC owe anybody anything. They can call Michelle Bachmann what they want. They can treat her as they wish.

We’ve long lived under the delusion that Hollywood should somehow reflect of our values as a people. Why should it? “But movies and television used to be different!” Four-letter words were always a part of Hollywood culture, whether they hit the big screen or not. The fact that they ever survived, and now thrive, is the public's fault, not theirs.

Here’s a wake-up call: Hollywood and the media are not leading, they are FOLLOWING.

We seem to forget that Hollywood can't sell products that no one buys. Television companies cannot keep producing programs that no one watches. Musicians can't sell songs to which no one listens. 

Hollywood and media are really storefronts for a great deal of evil going on in the backroom. So long as people keep passing by the window, there’s no danger. But once they step in the door, and purchase the product, Hollywood’s in business. 

And right now, business is good. Especially for Fallon, NBC and Fallon's bandleader, who are all receiving free publicity at Bachmann's expense. Ka-ching

So, should NBC, or Jimmy Fallon, or his bandleader apologize to Michelle Bachmann? Why should they? They’re just selling a product. 

Apologies should be made by those fool enough to buy it.