Monday, October 10, 2011

God breaks the rules

You must demonstrate that you know the rules before you are qualified to break them. Musicians, speakers, writers – they first learn to adhere to the rules of music, speaking, writing. Then, they are at liberty to break them. That’s what jazz is for.
"Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch." Lk. 5:4
Peter hesitated at Jesus’ command. He’d been fishing all night and caught nothing. It was time to go home. Peter was a professional, after all. He knew a bad night on the water. He knew the rules.

Nevertheless, at Jesus’ word he gave in and broke the rules. The nets instantly became full to the point of breaking (Lk. 5:6-7).

Peter was greatly humbled. The Carpenter knew more about fishing than the fisherman. His word proved reliable, even though it made no sense.

We are professional earth-dwellers. We know how this world works. We know that virgins do not give birth and the dead are not raised up. These are against the rules.

God made the rules of our earthbound existence so He could break them. He broke them so we could trust Him.

Now, let down your nets.

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