Friday, November 28, 2014

In this season


Praise and honor and glory are due Your holy Name. Your servant has no right to approach Your throne without Jesus Christ. So I am thankful for Him, that my voice may be heard.

Father, thank you for making provision for my family. I know that I cannot take credit for these provisions. Never once have we been without a necessity. In all my years as a husband, as a father, You have always provided for my family. You have given me ability to work and earn a living for me and my family. You have blessed me with a loving, dedicated, godly, hard working wife and mother. And You have made sure our children have had all they need. Thank You.

There are times I have squandered Your blessings. There are times I have taken them for granted, and even let myself believe that they are mine to claim. I know this is wrong, and ask Your forgiveness.

I ask You for nothing more than what I need. And when I have more - when You place more than I need in my hand - let me use it for good, and for Your glory. I pray You will intersect my life with opportunities to bless others, and that I'll be tender-hearted enough to respond as You would.

Father, in this season of Thanksgiving and gift-giving, I am more thankful for the gift of Jesus Christ than all else. May my spirit this holiday season reflect the beauty of the Christ, rather than the worldliness often attached to it.

I am grateful Jesus was born, and that many hearts will be touched by that fact this time of year. And I am more grateful that He suffered and died for all men, including me. What a gift!

Through Christ I pray,

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

You have always answered

Holy Father,

Glorious is Your holy Name! Your precious promises sustain and upholds me, and Your grace humbles me.

Father, I thank You for answering prayers in Your own way and time.

I have asked You for many things in my life. Sometimes, I have asked out of selfishness. Sometimes, I have asked out of despair. Sometimes, I have asked without knowing what to ask. At all times, in Your wisdom and perfection, You have always answered. I know You always hear. I may not like the answer, but Your grace is sufficient.

Forgive me when I've doubted or lost patience. I know all things are in Your hand, and that You mean good for me. I am not always ready for Your answer. I have been disappointed while waiting for You. I am pitifully childish sometimes.

Today, I only ask to be more patient and trusting. And I know that what I ask, I may not be ready to receive. I know that I ask for that which I will struggle with at Your hand. But I know it is what I need.

May Your will be done in my life. Perhaps when men see me, they will be brought just a step closer to You.

Through Christ,

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

He alone can heal our wounds

Wonderful Father,

What a privilege it is to be numbered among Your children! What a joy it is to call upon Your name.

Father, our hearts break today for the unrest in our nation. A man is dead and his family mourns, and we ask you to bless them. Another man lives on with the pain of another man dying at his hands - even if it was in self-defense, even if it was judicial. Bless these families who have suffered loss. Bless this town that is under the seige, and the national spotlight. Bless those poor people whose lives have been affected by violence and unrest. And may justice fall upon those who seek nothing but opportunity and evil agenda.

We know this: You know the truth in all matters. You know the heart of both men on either side of every disagreement and conflict, and You weigh all hearts perfectly.

What is done is done among men. We pray that Your will is done among us all. Take action as You see fit. Interrupt our affairs and direct our ways, when they fit Your purposes. Allow us to suffer the consequences of our mortal choices.

We pray that greater peace and understanding would exist among those of differing skin colors in our nation. How awful it is that such a thing exists among men whose souls are of equal value! What a great wound we have! Many of us would like to think our nation is scarred. I fear there is no scar. I fear there is but a gaping wound that continues to be opened, both by the actions of some, and at times, by the motives of others who would rather not see it healed, but would use it to their advantage.

Father, it is obvious that we know not the way of peace. Even our churches are divided by skin color. I can't imagine this as the unity for which our Savior prayed. We have learned little of Your way. Only the Prince of Peace, the One Who breaks down all human barriers and walls, and crushes the prejudicial spirits within us, can help us.

May our nation look more closely to Him. Oh, that our land's hate would be swallowed up in His mercy! In His love! Help us to love and understand one another. We beg Your help for healing.

But alas, many love to have it so. Whatever Your purposes are in all this, let it be so. If we are reaping what we have sowed, then so be it. Your will cannot be overthrown.

We rely upon Your mercy and grace and favor for all things,

And we thank You for them all in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Who alone can heal our wounds,

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